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Our practice focuses on the specialty of micropigmentation, also known as permanent cosmetics. This is the premier location for discriminating clients who want the most natural-looking enhancement of their features.

Jamilla specializes in both cosmetic and restorative micropigmention. She is renowned for her expert technique in creating realistic eyebrows with hair-like strokes. Please visit our photo gallery.

Jamilla understands the challenges faced by individuals dealing with hair loss, as she has personally dealt with Alopecia.

She has dedicated her life’s work to providing clients with compassionate care and an artistic, individualized solution to address their aesthetic concerns.





Why Choose Permanent Cosmetics By Jamilla?

  • Jamilla is a Board Certified Micropigmentologist, and she is officially recognized as a Fellow (F.A.A.M.) of the American Academy of Micropigmentation.
  • She brings a unique set of skills to her profession. She has a background in art that enhances her complex technique of mixing pigments for skin tone, as well as creating harmony and symmetry of facial features.
  • Jamilla also brings extensive clinical knowledge to her profession, as she is a licensed medical aesthetician and electrologist (since 1993), although she has chosen to focus her practice only on micropigmentation.
  • Since 1994 she has established a solid permanent cosmetics clientele based on referrals from physicians and affiliates in the medical field but also from enthusiastic clients. Clients come from all over the country for her realistic eye brow procedures. Please refer to the Testimonies to read what they have to say.
  • She uses the state-of-the-art German-made digital instrument “Nouveau Conture” for superior work.
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Do your homework when considering a Permanent Cosmetics Professional

If you are considering a micropigmentation procedure, it is critical to locate an experienced, qualified Permanent Cosmetics professional.

At least 30% of Jamilla’s practice consists of corrective procedures of unsatisfactory work done elsewhere. Often the work is done by inexperienced and poorly trained technicians with little artistic ability. The bad result looks like an unnatural tattoo, which can be spotted a mile away. Your expected outcome should be a natural-looking enhancement of your features. You should look like you, only better! Check out her gallery of photos of Corrective Procedures.

Search for a technician with at least 10 years experience, as there is a steep learning curve. Ask the technician about her background. A nurse or former medical professional may know science, but that does not make them qualified to perform artistic work on your face. Permanent Cosmetics involves a great deal of artistry and knowledge of complex color theory.

Permanent Cosmetics is not like coloring your hair! If your stylist gives you a color you don’t like she can easily correct it, not so easy with micropigmentation.

Beware of the inexperienced technician who tries to lure new clients with a steep discount, because your face is what she practices on to build her portfolio! Saving a few dollars up front, only to have to spend more in the long run to get the unsatisfactory work corrected, is is not worth the discount. A technician will charge what she is worth. If she under charges her competition then her ability may be reflected in the price.

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